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October Calendar and Events

Don't forget to come in for the MACtoberfest on Saturday. The fun starts at 2PM. We will have authentic German food and many festivities from 2PM to 6PM. Your $15 MACtoberfest ticket or your August Picnic ticket will cover your entrance, food and draft beer. We will have an outdoor beer garden in the horseshoe area, games, raffles, raffle baskets, an outdoor TV for sports viewing, music and tons of fun. We also have outdoor heaters to help fend off the chill in case the weather report is actually correct and it is a little chilly.

The club will be open and accessible for those who do not wish to stay outside. At 6PM, we will have a band, Electromagnetic Pulse play in the ballroom. We have moved the band indoors due to questionable weather for their equipment. Anyone arriving after 6PM will pay a $5 cover charge for admission to watch the band perform. We will also have volunteers manning the grills and beer truck for anyone hungry or thirsty during that time. Those items will be purchased separately after 6PM.

The Ladies' Club is looking for volunteers to help with the dessert tent during the MACtoberfest and band. We are looking for anyone who would like to donate a dessert to help raise money for the Children's Christmas Party in December or who would like to help sell items at the dessert table during this time. I am unfortunately on my own for this event and I have a family obligation I need to attend for part of the day and could use a little help. If anyone is able to help with making desserts to donate or help sell, please see or contact me. Jess (937) 245-1342

A lot of hard work and planning have gone into making this a great event for our members. Your Club needs your participation. Please try to come and support your Club.

Last but not least, a reminder for all members getting ready to fly to warmer climates for the winter months. Your dues and maintenance fees are due by January 31, 2024. You may pay those anytime between now and the end of January, so if you would like to pay before you leave for the winter, please see Jess. You may also see Jess if you have any questions regarding amounts or payment procedures. All members are welcome to pay next year's fees at this time. All fees are due to be paid in full by January 31, 2024.

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Coming Next Month October 23
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